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Retractable ID Badge Reel - Skater Pug Dog

Retractable ID Badge Reel - Skater Pug Dog

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Our Skater Pug Retractable ID Badge Reel is the perfect accessory for anyone that uses a security or identification pass. Nurses, doctors, and office workers particularly love our extensive range of styles that brighten up any outfit and bring a sense of individuality and personality to the workplace. Our badge reels have a metal cord, instead of the standard nylon rope, to ensure strength and durability. 

Use our funky badge reel card holders to secure your security pass, identification card, office keys, house key, car park fob or nurse and medic reference cards. The belt clip easily slides onto to your clothes or nursing scrubs so you never need to take off your security pass to swipe into a room. You can also loop the belt clip onto a lanyard to wear around your neck for versatility. 

These products are known as ID Card Holders, Security Badge Reels, Key Fob Holders, Swipe ID Holders, Reel Clips, ID Zingers, Identification Clips, and Identity Badge Reels. Regardless of what you call them, they change the plain, boring standard ID holder into something fashionable and fun. 

• Each image measures approximately 3.8 cm (1 1/2 inch)
• The metal cord length is approximately 61cm (24 inches) 
• Each ID Badge Reel is mailed on hang tag so it's perfect for gift giving